The solution platforms Indrion is currently serving customers with, include (and there are more in process):
Indriya™ – Embedded Platform for Ambient Intelligence
Kriya ™ - Embedded Platform for over the cloud Actuation Control

Sama™ – Embedded Platform for Temperature, Lighting control
Vidyut ™ – Embedded Smart Switch, Metering solution for SmartGrid
Dwara™ – Embedded Sensor Network Automation Gateway
Kanthi™ - Embedded Lighting automation platform solutions


Indrion's approach is comprehensive, customer specific. Driven by the spirit to be eponymous with and embedded in customers' success, Indrion delivers cost-performance balanced, inter-operable solutions, opening up new frontiers of business models and opportunities for all stake holders.

Indrion's approach to ingrained, seamless automation is realized through delivery of solutions for Sensors, Actuators and Control - independent of each other, and/or in synergy with each other. Below is the pictorial view of Indrion's solutions family

Solutions Outline

Indrion's offerings are comprehensive, covering all that are needed for a most competitive solution. Based on the system need, application, the nature of these solutions - in terms of complexity, enginereing challenge, cost; vary. These solutions include:

Hardware Solutions
Low cost low power Wireless sensor nodes

Wireless actuator nodes

High performance gateways

Board Level Solutions

Systemic solutions - boxes, dongles

Software Solutions
For cost-effectiveness Indrion develops sensor node software solutions on open standard light weight environment.

Software application for wireless sensor nodes(sensor fusion).

Algorithms for routing residing at wireless sensor nodes for power efficient networking(like star, mesh etc)

Algorithms for fault tolerance in the network(like sensor validation).

Algorithms for actuator controls at wireless actuator nodes(like motor control applications).

A;gorithms for energy harvesting

Software for gateways(like protocol translation, database, user interface etc)

Middleware for gateways to higher layers

Control algorithms


Networking Solutions
Communication network stacks for open standards(like Zigbee, 6lowPAN, WiFi, IpV6)

Protocol Stacks

Network Monitoring interfaces

Localization Interfaces


As per the specific needs, deliverables from Indrion to its (global, domestic) customers will include one or more of:

Customized embedded hardware

  • Board Level
  • System Level

Customized embedded software

  • Protocol Stacks
  • Algorithms
  • Network Architecture

Application Software

User Interface, Dashboards

Reference Designs

Development Kits

Training, Support

Domains Served

While Indrion envisages to be an integral part of all automation requirements, to begin with, Indrion is serving -

  1. Ambient Intelligence - in Indistries, Commercial, Enterprise
  2. Smart Grid - Smart Metering, Enregy Harvesting, Alternative Energy Source Deployment
  3. Emerging Domains - Beginning with smart irrigation, productivity enhancement

Customers' Profile

Indrion's solutions framework not only enhances existing businesses but more importantly opens up new ones. Depending on the need to be addressed, domain to be served, applications to be delviered, the customers will include: OEMs, Electronic gadget makers, Automation Players, Industries, Businesses, Commercial entities, Enterprises, Domestic ecosystem and end users.

Engagement Model

The engagement levels, the type of solutions to be developed are customer requirement specific. Indrion transmogrifies into customer, empathizes with their requirements. Indrion inteacts with them, grasps their needs, conceptualizes a complete solution, develops and integrates it into customer ecosystem.

Please refer to specific solutions' tabs for details