Indrion is participating at SiliconIndia Startup City, 2011 -Bangalore on 28th May 2011.
It is said good things come in small packages. There are over 500 startup companies in Bangalore alone. There are several others across India. If their number is an eyebrow raiser,the technologies they work on are a mindblower. The sad reality is that most of us have no clue of the cutting edge
technology development that happens in our own city!


NASSCOM announces EMERGE 50 winners
NASSCOM EMERGE 50 is back – and in a bigger avatar. After the success of last year’s listing, the EMERGE Forum within NASSCOM has begun work in full earnest for the 2010 listing. In addition to last year’s categories of Growth, Markets (non-traditional / domestic), Products, and Services, this year, the categories have been expanded to include the Start-Ups.And in another first, all the 50 companies will be profiled in a booklet to be released by NASSCOM at the EMERGEOUT conclave inNew Delhi on August 25 2010.

Technology Review TR35 2010 India
For decades consumers have been paying electricity bills based on centralized reading. The technology not only prevents users from controlling their usage of electricity but also fails to encourage optimized use of power.

Is the Next Silicon Valley Taking Root in Bangalore?
BANGALORE, India, March 19 — Twenty young engineers, mostly from the Indian Institute of Technology, India's premier technology school, peer into computer
monitors in the no-frills office of Read-Ink Technologies,a start-up company housed in a small building in the bustling Indiranagar neighborhood of this city.

Govt To Get Tough On e-waste Defaulters
Friday, May 14, 2010: Recently, the radioactive cobalt found amidst the scrap in Delhi's recycling market shook the city. India, with its cheap labour and low environmental standards, is fast becoming a sought after dumping ground for e-waste.

Indrion’s Wireless Sensor Motes one among a few sensor platforms from Indian WSN industry
Commercial & prototype versions of couple of our motes under two different categories goes onto one of the most trusted free encyclopedia The Wiki Portal: Sensor nodes (INDriya_CS_03A14 series) & gateway nodes (DWARA_CS_03A30 series).