Smart Metering Products  

Indrionís Vidyut products helps in reducing electricity consumption by providing remote control over the electricity usage, diminishing the wastage of energy. Also it provides statistical electricity usage data and with Indrionís optimization algorithms one can practice intelligent way of load scheduling within its premises, to minimize the electricity consumption.

A) Smart Plugs:
This is a very compact module which can be integrated with your plug points and reform them from dumb device to communicating device. This device enables the remote monitoring and control(ON/OFF) of load device in your premises. It also enables to lock(Software) your plug points.

B) Smart Adaptors:
Smart Adaptors are plug and play device, once plugged it reforms plug points to smart plugs which can be remotely monitor and control electricity usage.

C) Smart MCB:
Smart MCB can be integrated with your MCB Panel and will provide remote(from anywhere) Zone based monitoring and control of electricity in your premises.