Development Kits  

Indriya Development Platform (IDP) is a series of wireless/ wired sensor network mote developed by Indrion Technologies. It is designed for research activities and comes with different options in platform suiting to different research needs.

Indrion keep updating all its platforms porting open source embedded operating systems and networking stacks like TinyOS, Contiki, uIPv4, 6lowPAN, freeRTOS etc and also provide paid support for customized porting.

Indrion provides multiple mote platforms, sensor platforms and gateway platforms. All the processing platforms are provided with supported open source compilers and tool chain. Indrion also provides programming hardware tools for motes and gateway platforms.

Here is provided the kind of platforms available for different research applications.

Mote Platforms

Indriya Motes comes with 8, 16, 32 bit micro-controller option with communication options like IEEE802.15.4, WiFi, Ethernet, Power Over Ethernet.

Here is the list of motes.

Mote Part No. Platform Features
Indriya_DP_03A15 ATmega128+AT86RF230 IEEE802.15.4
Indriya_DP_01A11 MSP430F2618+CC2520 IEEE802.15.4
Indriya_DP_03B ATmega128RFA1 IEEE802.15.4
Indriya_DP_03A14 Atmega+XBEE IEEE802.15.4
Indriya_DP_03A30 Atmega+Simcomm GSM/GPRS
Indriya_DP_04A11 LPC1768+CC2520 IEEE802.15.4+32bit ARM cortexM3
Indriya_DP_03A20 ATmega128+Wifi WiFi Based Mote
Indriya_DP_03A50 ATmega128+Ethernet Ethernet wired Mote
Indriya_DP_03A60 ATmega128+PoE Power Over Ethernet wired mote

All the motes consist of basic sensors like temperature and light. For other sensors Indrion provide options of selecting from variety of sensor platforms for different applications.

Indrion provides options for customers to choose kits with multiple options.

Sensor Boards

Indrion provide multiple options for sensor boards. These are

Part No. Platform Features
AS1124 Air Quality Humidity Sensor, Co2 Sensor
AS101216 Acoustic Ultrasonic, Magnetometer, Microphone
SS21 Camera Image Sensor
OS34 Occupancy Detection PIR
MS13 Mechanical Sensing Accelerometer


More future releases are Agriculture Sensing Unit, Advanced Mechanical Sensing Platform, Flow Sensing.

Gateway Platforms

Indrion provides gateway platforms DWARA series for Personal Area Network to outside link. These are

Part No. Platform Features
DWARA_14_50 IEEE802.15.4 to Ethernet Basic ARM CortexM3 Based
DWARA_14_30 IEEE802.15.4 to GSM/GPRS Basic ARM CortexM3 Based
DWARA_14_50A IEEE802.15.4 to Ethernet ARM CortexM3 with external Flash, LCD, Keypad
DWARA_14_30A IEEE802.15.4 to GSM/GPRS ARM CortexM3 with external Flash, LCD, Keypad

Programming Boards

Indrion provides programmers for all its platform suiting to open source tool chain.


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