Being Indrion’ite you get an opportunity to think innovatively and independently. Indrion provides platform for its team to work on developing products which will give you satisfaction for your creativity in technology. At Indrion we feel proud of being part of mission which will make planet smarter and connected.

Indrion invites application from candidates to become part of Indrion. Indrion does not require any degree, college brand, high grades or experience. Indrion only seeks in candidates “passion for technology”. If you are passionate in some of the mentioned technologies below, do send your resumes at We look each application very carefully and so resumes are very important, so please justify your passion for the mentioned technology with your explorations in mentioned area of interest. Also please write a small essay on your personality, what you think about yourself and why you want to join Indrion in your cover letter, please write honestly.

We are looking people passionate for following technologies

  • Embedded Networking: Include interest in complex embedded hardware design, TCP/Ipv6/IPv4 stacks, 6LowPAN stacks, embedded OSes like TinyOS, uCLinux, WinCE, ARM Processors, 8-bit Micro-Controllers etc.

  • Power Electronics: People interested in designing compact circuits for Ballast control, SMPS, motor control, LED drivers etc.

  • Server Technologies: Interested in socket programming, J2EE,, DHTML-RPC, SQL Database and web technologies.

  • Mobile App Development: Interested in developing mobile applications for Iphone, RIM, Symbian, Andriod etc.