Building Automation Products  

A) Wireless Sensor Modules(Indriya):
Sensor Modules for Building automation comes in two form

  • SAMA: SAMA is a compact sensor module with basic sensors like Temperature and Light only.
  • INDRIYA: Indriya is a comprehensive sensor module with all the types of sensors required for Building Automation like Temperature, Humidity, Camera, Carbon Dioxide, Occupancy detector and Light. Indriya sensor provides all the information of zone in a building.

Both Indriya and SAMA are powered with TCP/IP stacks allowing sensor data to be interfaces on the internet.

B) Wireless Actuator Modules(Kriya):
Kriya are wireless internet enabled controllers for Light, AHU and Dampers. Light controllers come for different varienty of lamps like LED, CFL, Fluroscent and Metal Hallides provided lamps are dimmable.

C) Building Automation Gateways:
Indrionís Gateways provides connectivity of Indrionís sensor and actuator modules to external world like Internet..