About Indrion  

Indrion is developing technologies for improving quality of life and bringing energy efficiencies in to the system. Indrion is re-defining the automation with its highly efficient, intelligent and cost effective technologies enabling logical operations. Indrion develop complete solution from embedded sensor networks to actuator networks and server software with complete customization to customer requirements and infrastructure.

If you want to improve your quality of life, better energy efficiency and bring intelligent environment contact us.


Indrion for close to 30 months, has 100+ cumulative engg. engineering years exp.

Includes those with proven track records, including being part of very successful global M&As. Worked extensively with all key geographical regions – US, Europe, Japan.

Core team has VERY Well proven track record of building successful companies, teams, product lines, definition and deliverance to the bottom line. And, equally importantly – wide range of contacts that go deep – within the industry, supply chain and eco-system in India and globally.

The education pedigree includes – from IITs, IIMs. Work experience with top MNCs in India and US.

Core team’s responsibilities include all needed aspects: Technology, product definition; Business development, strategy; Organization building; Vendor relations.


Indrion is Self and Angel Funded.